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Chair – Jan Anderson CMLI

Secretary – Wendy Fidler CMLI

Treasurer – Ranran Ju CMLI

Branch/LI Rep – Hanna Salomonsson CMLI

Assistant Branch/LI Rep – vacant

Advocacy Rep – vacant

Events Co-ordinator – Tristram Bushby CMLI

Assistant Events Coordinator – vacant

P2C Coordinator/Education Rep – Louise Pearce CMLI, Tom McCreesh CMLI

Newsletter Editor – Gemma Woodfall

Web Editor – vacant

Marketing Coordinator – vacant

Student Reps – Clementina Immirzi, Calila Ribeiro da Ponte

Policy and Practice Group Coordinator – Shelley Mosco CMLI

Policy Group Assistant – vacant

Inter Professional and LPDF Rep – vacant

Committee MemberRobert Holden CMLI

Committee Member – David Buck

Committee Member – Helen Allen

Committee Member – Kendra Inman

Committee Member – Nicole Tarrio Gonzalez

Committee Member – Lily Bakratsa

Committee Member – Holly Birtles

Committee Member – Nilufer Danis

Committee Member – Hannah Pyper

Committee Member – Madhur Gurjar

Committee Member – Anna Sieczak

Committee Member – Rosie Whicheloe

Committee Member – Wing Lai

Past Chair – Sue Lowenthal CMLI